Welcome to the Roof Roosters project, where the real world is a Hi-End Graphics Game.

Any game should be entertaining and all the gamers should be rewarded.

We bring the psychology of the GAME into the real world.

We digitize the events, reward the achievements, and we give people and businesses unique opportunities for growth and enrichment.

In the context of this gamification process, we use unique Achievement rewards. Every person involved in a project can get some of these rewards. And there will be plenty of them.

Any company, person or community is welcomed to join us.

It is so easy to get an objective opinion if you see the entire history of the achievements of the participant in one place.

This is the very beginning. You got us in the earliest stage of the project: “packaging”, team formation, investment targeting and participants testing.

At this stage we are not planning a public presentation of the project.

The community of the project is also limited at the moment.


Interested participants are welcomed to join us.

Every new participant in the “Early Bird” stage is going to receive a special reward for participation and recommendations in domestic currency of the project and the unique “Early Bird” Achievement Reward as well.

The quantity of the “Early Bird” members is limited.

If you want to build the future together, just click "Submit application"