Let us take a look into the not-so-distant future of Roofroosters project

There are two Barbershops in the same street, not far from each other. They are two ordinary businesses, like thousands of businesses all over the world. From outside, they look alike. When you enter, you will also see identical price lists, and a receptionist gladly greeting you. However, RoofRoosters Project will soon introduce some invisible details that can change the world.

— 20 dollars for your haircut, and tell me please your RoofRoosters ID to credit an Achievement for your visit.
— Surely. Here is the card, and my ID is **-*-*******
— Great, I have sent you the Achievement. It is the seventh you’ve gotten from our Barbershop. Three more Achievements, and your permanent discount with us will amount to 10%.
—Thanks. See you.
Just a short dialogue. But it changes a lot.

RoofRoosters has the following set of data at its disposal:
1. ​​The date and the volume of Achievement data purchase by the Barbershop (RoofRoosters - Barbershop)
2. ​​“Member - Barbershop” information
3. ​​Date and volume of Barbershop - Client transfer
4. ​​“Member - Client” information
The existing data allow having an indirect vision of the business volume, clients, and statistics. The number of accrued Achievements, the periods when they were credited, similar Achievements from other Barbershops.

Thanks to all this, the Project provides for:
1. ​​One-click development of long-standing customer retention for the Barbershop.
2. Use of recurrent notices for the Barbershop to foresee customer wishes: — Good afternoon! I’m from the Barbershop and want to notify you that we are enjoying high demand now. As we know that you would want to visit us in the nearest future, we can book an appointment for you. Which time will be convenient?
3. ​​It is necessary to know the members’ schedules! And to be proactive with advertising and marketing.
4. ​​UNBIASED SCORE — unlike Yelp, YP, and others, we do not compare the impressions of the people who want to share their opinions. We compare the two business processes of the Barbershops as if we have two CPM systems with full access available.

Example: If one Barbershop is visited by many members with 1-3 Achievements and the other — by many members with 5-10 Achievements, it is highly likely that the first Barbershop is selling well, is maybe at a better location and works with new customers better. BUT the second Barbershop will be the best as it has loyal clients.
It illustrated the quality of service, not of marketing.
It is important to understand that it was just impossible to develop such a reliable rating before now.
1. ​​A client is given easy access to many discount programs. Moreover, the data of such programs may overlap. Cosmetics outlet next door to a Barbershop may give an additional discount in excess of its own program, take into account the achievements in the relevant spheres, and use it in its advertising campaign. And even in such cases, after the purchase is made and the condition is achieved, the client will request a special Achievement from the outlet. And we will understand the situation still better and help the outlet in its development.
2. ​​One more difference from the opinion-based system is that a person can share “his/her opinion” only once. While within our project he/she “votes” every time, and we get reliable data.

It is only on example of our project’s basic opportunities in business taking into account discount programs, analytics, business support and customer service improvements that may be implemented and scaled. Most of these opportunities are unique.
Each of them has not only an innovative element but also enhances the value of the project.

And this is just the first fundamental stage of the project development.